Surviving the Cut

I have been watching “Surviving the Cut”, a documentary series on Military Special Forces training. As a Marine, I learned first hand the type of motivation, perseverance, knowledge, courage, and loyalty that this type of training requires from each student.

The documentary brings back many memories of sleepless nights, lack of food, endless hiking, seemingly impossible obstacles, and brutal physical training designed to break the mind, body, and spirit. Only the ones who can function on the verge of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion will make it to graduation day.

This often makes me wonder about why some Christians are “soft” when it comes to dealing with conflict. They are quick to complain when things get tough. Often times spiritual warfare is more brutal than military training: Where are those who are willing to sacrifice for the cause of Christ? Where are those who are willing to die for the mission to preach the gospel?

Christians are defenders of the truth! We should know our Bibles as well as a Navy Seal knows the weapons manuals or an Army Ranger knows the maps of the terrain. The world is headed to disaster, and many casual Christians will be taken by surprise by the enemy.

The church needs to develop a sense of urgency. This should be part of our motto: “I am a Christian! What I do NOW counts for ETERNITY.”

~Stephen Beagles