There is Still Time

The comforting thing about the state of our world is that God is still on the throne. He warned us about being obedient to His will or we would eventually suffer the natural consequences. God could kill off every strain of this Corona Virus, but that would still leave us with the most deadly strain–SIN. … [Read more…]

The Age of Atonement

Messianic Fulfillment of Sanctuary Types and Shadows When Christ was crucified the veil that separated the Holy from the Most Holy Place was torn in two. This meant that the entire sanctuary became the Most Holy Place and there was no longer any barrier to the presence of God. This explains how Christ entered the … [Read more…]

Jesus Only

Definitions often play a huge role in a discussion involving theology. For example, the term Jesus Only. For some this means that Jesus is the only way to salvation by grace through faith in His atoning blood. It also recognizes Jesus as the fulfillment of all scripture. All doctrines are there to support Jesus and … [Read more…]

What is legalism?

Being obedient to Christ is not legalism. Keeping Commandments is not legalism. Focusing on the rules over relationships is not legalism. PLACING CONDITIONS ON ETERNAL LIFE OTHER THAN SIMPLE FAITH AND TRUST IN CHRIST IS LEGALISM. Legalism is a curse upon professed followers of Christ who are more concerned with their own righteousness than with … [Read more…]

The Once for All Covenant

The relationship between the old and new covenants of the Holy Scriptures have perplexed many theologians over the last 2000 years. Some bible scholars believe the old and new covenants represent two separate plans of salvation. Others have a difficult time separating the mosaic laws from the original covenant God made with Adam and Eve. … [Read more…]

Agree to Disagree

I wish could exclude myself from this conclusion, but being a former post-graduate student qualifies me to partake of the criticism. Having a degree or two in a particular subject does not make one infallible. There are Atheists with doctoral degrees, there are Pantheists with doctoral degrees, and there are Polytheists with doctoral degrees. The … [Read more…]

The 2300 Days of Daniel

My position on the 2300 days prophecy is if the baptism and death of Christ was foretold by this view of prophecy then why not allow it to extend to its logical conclusion: 1844. What Happened in 1844? 1. People awakened to an urgency of the second coming of Christ and the message about the … [Read more…]

Get a GRIP on Prayer

Gratitude-Relationships-Intercession-Petition 1. Gratitude: Start your prayers by thanking God for all His blessings. List them one by one and praise Him for being a loving friend. 2. Relationships: Ask God to help you to love Him with all your heart, mind, and soul. Once you have spent some time on this topic then shift your … [Read more…]

Why I am a Gospel Adventist

QUESTION: Why do you call yourself a Gospel Adventist? ANSWER: I am a 4th generation Seventh-day Adventist who grew up in the church. As a teenager I thought that the spirit of God would allow us to perfect our characters, if not now, then prior to probation closing. Once probation closed than we would be … [Read more…]