Freedom of Religion vs. Zombie Apocalypse


One of the characteristics of an educated mind is that it welcomes competing ideas as a way to force an examination of the basic assumptions about what makes something true or false. There is nothing wrong with a healthy debate! I am concerned about people who want to shut down the free flow of ideas and refuse to allow others to question their intellectual authority.

Maybe we are living in a world full of actual zombies with the rational centers of the brain being shut down and where the infected begin feeding on the flesh of those who are still rational.

Recently, I have come across statements like “Religion is harmful” and “Christians are hateful” from people who would like to limit our religious freedoms in favor of a secular worldview. But do they realize that they are the ones perpetuating hate against religion? Is it fair to stereotype all Christians as hatemongers who worship a hateful God?

I am tired of the hypocrisy. Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech are what have made the United States the envy of the world. However, these concepts are being worn thin by those who believe that everyone has a responsibility to preach their party line.

No, not all beliefs are created equal. Yes, some beliefs are downright harmful. But I still respect the right of a human being to believe what they want to believe regardless of if their views are popular. By ensuring their freedom to voice their beliefs, then I protect my own rights to counter-argue their beliefs in a public forum.

Not all disagreement is hateful and not all dissent is suppressive. We used to be a country that welcomed the free flow of ideas. What happened?

~Stephen Beagles