Who Hates Who?

No-Haters-Button-0992Those who think that it is hateful to call other religions wrong, do not have a problem with religion, but they have a problem with the nature of truth. Truth by definition is exclusive. To call something true means the opposite is false. This is simple logic.

If no one has the truth then what is the point of arguing for anything? But if the truth is knowable, then we are ALL responsible for knowing and defending it on the basis that it is the truth.

I don’t know how claiming that one knows and understands the truth is hate speech. Especially when that truth clearly states that God loves us and is willing to forgive our sins. Jesus said, “Love your enemies.” Now does that sound hateful to you?

Those who claim that God is vengeful and that Christ is hateful are simply lying through their teeth to promote their own agenda. Now, the last time I checked it was immoral to lie and deceive other people. Who hates who?

~Stephen Beagles