The Christ of Christmas

Christmas is a time for reflecting on the Birth of Christ. There are many reasons why Christ is different from the others who claimed to be from God. First, his coming was pre-announced in Holy Scriptures. This is how the Wise Men from the East knew that Christ had been born. Furthermore, history was split in two upon his arrival. Today we celebrate Christmas–Two Thousand Twelve years after the year of his birth. Finally, Jesus was born to die on the cross of Calvary. His mission wasn’t merely to teach us how to live, but to secure our eternal life by his death. The prophecy, influence, and mission of Christ are valid reasons for believing that Jesus is not only different from other men claiming to be from God, but that he is Lord and Savior of Humanity.

One thought on “The Christ of Christmas”

  1. This is all true my brother steven….NO OTHER god, man , woman, thing has ever promised us ETERNAL LIFE or LAYED DOWN THEIR LIFE ….Jesus loved us even before we were…and continues now that we are…THATS REAL LOVE!

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