What is the Plan of Salvation?

Justification: We are forgiven our sins. We are declared righteous. God looks past our imperfections and sees us as the sinless beings we one day will be in heaven. Salvation is 100 percent based on the work Christ did for us on the cross when He shed His blood and died for our sins.

Sanctification: We are cleansed from sin. The Holy Spirit makes us functional Christians while we are still sinners saved by grace. While we mature in our walk with God and become more like Him on a daily basis, this cleansing from sin is not 100 percent. Our salvation is still rooted in the imputed righteousness of Christ (Justification).

Glorification: We are given sinless bodies with sinless natures. We will no longer fight against our natural impulses and will be capable of obedience to all God’s laws. We will be able to live in the will of God for eternity. We will be 100 percent perfect and sinless while living in the presence of God.

Stephen Beagles (2019)

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