Jesus Only

Definitions often play a huge role in a discussion involving theology. For example, the term Jesus Only.

For some this means that Jesus is the only way to salvation by grace through faith in His atoning blood. It also recognizes Jesus as the fulfillment of all scripture. All doctrines are there to support Jesus and the plan of salvation.

For others the term Jesus Only means that Jesus is the only topic of discussion and all other doctrines are non-essential and get in the way of knowing Christ alone as Lord and Savior.

Your view of Christ and the gospel can be directly impacted by which definition of Jesus Only you accept as the truth. I find it hard to imagine that anyone would accept the second definition as the truth, but I suppose there may be a few. The first definition is completely biblical and is what I mean when I say Jesus Only. It is in complete harmony with what Christ said,

“…I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” See also Acts 4:12

Please be careful how you define your terms.

Stephen Beagles (2020)


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