Breaking the Chains

The Gospel of Perfectionism

Jesus died on the cross to give us all a second chance at eternal life. Once we put our faith in Christ then He gives us the Holy Spirit who then cleanses us from all sin. Real Christians do not sin. If you do something deliberately you know is wrong then you are forfeiting salvation until you confess your sin and change your ways. Yes, it is possible to live a sinless life.

God isn’t going to wait until heaven to give you a perfect character, and┬áthe character building must happen prior to the close of probation. Once probation closes, your case is closed and you can no longer receive forgiveness for sins.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Jesus bore the penalty for all sin at the cross. People who place simple faith and trust in Christ have the verdict of the pre-advent judgment and the assurance of salvation. Christians are never without sin in this lifetime due to complications of the sinful nature. The Holy Spirit has promised to help us overcome deliberate sins and to keep our faith strong, but there is nothing in the Bible to suggest sinless perfection on this side of heaven.

Salvation is a free gift provided for all who trust Christ for salvation. We are declared righteous the instant we accept the forgiveness he has to offer. Once we have faith in Christ then the Holy Spirit works to make us holy as we mature in the faith, but this is a work of a lifetime. Christians do not reach sinless perfection until the resurrection of the righteous at the second coming of Jesus. We will all receive glorified bodies and sinless natures prior to the entrance into the heavenly kingdom.

Stephen Beagles (2020)

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