Divine Royal Family

“We may utter words that reach the throne of the Monarch of the universe.”
Ellen White, Prayer, p. 7

I have seen plenty of video footage of the late Queen Elizabeth and her royal family. What an honor it would be to be invited to the royal palace and simply be in the presence of such an important figure in world government.

Now what if the Queen were to give you her personal phone number and say to you, “Feel free to call anytime! If you need anything simply let me know how I can help.”

Can you imagine having that type of access to the Queen of England? Now consider that the words that you speak in private prayer can be heard by the Royal Monarch of the Universe who is the source of all intelligence and power in the entire kingdom of Creation.

Those who have accepted the free gift of salvation bought with the blood of Jesus now have the right to claim to be Sons and Daughters of the Most High God!

We are His adopted children and have unlimited access to enter His presence at anytime as part of His inner circle.

Feel like part of the Royal family? I do.

Stephen Beagles (2023)

Gospel Adventist Ministries, Spiritual Director

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