The Proper Motivation

Tonight, I was feeling burnt out on ministering to others by sharing the word of God. I was thinking that I was either preaching to the choir or pushing people away. I know these thoughts are not of God, and I asked God for some motivation.

Then the thought came to me that ministry is more than recruiting people to read the Bible and go to church. A minister is helping to save a person’s eternal┬álife.

Not one of us knows when we will breath our last breath. The only thing that matters at that point is our relationship to Jesus. When we win people to Christ, it is not so that the church can claim another member on the books. We give people the information they need to become a son or daughter of God.

Trillions of dollars are spent annually in healthcare to save a person’s physical life. Physicians go through decades of education and training before they are allowed to practice on their own. Ministers are physicians of the soul, and our jobs are infinitely more important. Eternal destinies are hanging in the balance.

Ministers of Christ are called by God to fulfill their tasks, and each minister needs to be indwelt by the Holy Spirit to be effective soul winners. Angels from heaven are at our side to guide us and to protect us from the forces of evil. The God of heaven gives us the strength, the courage, the wisdom, and the words to speak to each individual heart and mind.

If the Bible is true, and Christ is God of the Universe, then Christian ministers have the most important job in the world. Now that is proper motivation!

~Stephen Beagles

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